1957 VW Beetle

1776cc Fuel Injected Engine

  Tunable with your Laptop

 A True Classic with Modern Performance and Reliability

Classic Beetle

Not currently for sale. Plans are to make some changes to the injection system for increased reliability and also to potentially rebuild the engine with a dynamically balanced crank.

Reliable and Economic

Restored at VW Evolution 3 and a half years ago with loads done since then. It's daily driven 42 miles. Starts every time. Returns 26mpg combined. Could do better mpg with some time spent on a rolling road with a wide band sensor attached.

Solid Underpinnings

Understated with a great balance between looks and performance. Not too low to get over speed bumps and stops as well as it goes.

I follow the adage "chrome don't get you home" which has resulted in a focus on sound mechanicals. The paint work is good and there is some matching Iceland green paint sold with the car.

Solid, reliable and guaranteed to put a smile on your face.

Under-stated Styling

Designed to be a no frills daily driver that could keep up with modern traffic. Based on a rust free shell imported from Australia mated with a fully restored floor pan and a 'sensible' 1776 engine.

There's no fuel gauge (as it was when new), it runs the semaphore indicators (with no added flashers), no reverse light and no fog light.

All the effort has gone into keeping the car looking simple and tasteful while squeezing all possible power and efficiency out of the 1776cc engine. This has led to the current EFI system. This is powerful yet fuel efficient. The best of both worlds.

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